Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jack Evil’s The Halloween Story Part 1

Ron's Scary

                                                                                                                      Ronnell Smith

                                       Jack Evil’s The Halloween Story Part 1

October 31st, 1979 the Evil’s was the richest people in town and very happy. Until a new member was added to the Evil’s by Ms. Evils, he was born October 31st, 1979. He was the baby nobody wouldn’t like the Evil’s thought it was the ugliest baby ever born, they named the baby Jack, and is deformed with a little head and a big body. The Evil’s now have a family and they are miserable more than ever, their money is getting low because of child support and difficulties with the child. Jack Evil’s has been abused by his parents a lot because they blame it his fault that they are losing money and being miserable. Through the years, Jack has grown, being picked on at school and at home.

Until one day on Jack’s birthday, which was Halloween, and it was a thunder storm with compulsive lightning. Jack thought his birthday was going to be the best but, his parents didn’t care about him it was October 31st, 1998 he was twenty years old. So his parents thought since he is 20 years old he can go buy his own house and get out of their house. So Jack’s parents kicked him out of the house and Jack was crying and weeping, Jack didn’t know what to do. Jack was in the middle of the street and it was raining, thundering and lightning like crazy. All of a sudden BAM!!!!! Jack was striked by lightning and was killed. Jack has been dead for 10 years, but is he really dead is the question. Jack got striked by lightning by his house where he used to live and he is still there today. Jack’s parents were murdered by an ugly, weird looking man that had burned up looking clothes and his head was so small it looked like the Evil’s son. It was Jack who killed his parent’s he came back to life on his birthday and broked into his parent’s house and had his birthday he dreamed of. He chopped his moms head off and used her as balloons, and then he chopped her body up, baked her in the oven and used her fingers, eyes, and nose as the decorations on the cake. Now his dad was the last one he chased his dad all through the house and finally he caught him and then chopped his head off and

Jack used his dads head as a replacement for his head. All Jack wanted for his birthday was to get revenge on his parents, and have a cuter face. Jack’s birthday went as he wanted it to be even though he is dead he Jack is Back from the dead. 10 years later after that tragic murder, Jack would rise from the dead on his birthday killing people that moved into the Evil’s house just because that’s all he wanted to do for his birthday was to kill people because nobody liked not even his parents. Everybody that ever lived in the Evil’s house in the past is dead and it all happened on the 31st, Jack’s birthday. There was this time when he killed a family of four they were all sitting down at the dining table all dead with birthday hats on and the mom was the birthday cake.

Jack would always bake the mom as a reminder of what he did to his mom and the dad he did the same he chopped the dads head off and used it as his new head. It was a bloody murder nobody knew who was doing the murders it went a mystery for 10 years and never found out who did it. Now it’s 2009 in the month of October 28th and the family that lives in the Evil’s house today doesn’t know what has happened in the house but, when October 31st comes it will be a real spooky Halloween party again. To Be Continued.....